How to get more people to follow you on soundcloud

As a music lover I always wondered how do people get more soundcloud followers. after all it’s always nicer to release a track and to see all the people commenting on your stream.


This is usually and partly related to how good is your music but not only. it’s also connected with the way you manage your social media accounts outside of soundcloud.

For example a good facebook page will need to act according to certain codes and routines in order to become successful and not tiring. same goes for your soundcloud channel. first thing you can do about the external work is to read some manuals. Here is one about social media in general or one about youtube marketing in case you use youtube as well.

The activity inside soundcloud

You must know your way around the platform. basically they encourage you to perform likes of tracks you enjoyed and also to engage more with your audience. saying things like “nice” is not enough.

Many authors will delete the comments since they will regard them as spam or useless feedback. you can try to be more creative and this way get more attention.

Similar to blogging if you really engage with other bloggers in a good way they will take you seriously. I had a friend who wrote a whole post about the analysis of another blogger post.

This made quite a ripple effect since the other blogger wrote about being mentioned on my blog and this is how things rolled out for the best.

This is the same with soundcloud. if you engage inteliggently and add some deeper insights you can get more followers and interactions with other authors.

They wrote a nice guide about it that you can read.

Or watch this great video guide if you are more the visual type :

In the end of the day if you like your music and you make good music you will not necessarily get the followers without putting any efforts. did you know that the beatles paid groups of girls to faint during their first gig’s? that was fake but later became real 🙂

So don’t fear that you are losing your artistic side. Your music will remain pure and it’s completely ok to decide on letting more people know that it’s out there.

Good luck!


Why People who don’t listen to music are less happy

You might say that I am already bribed since music is a major piece of my life. take music away from me and I am a dead guy. seriously! I mean even if I still could have sex but never listen to music again my life would become miserable.

I decided to look for evidence that I am not a crazy dude (even though I am as my friends say) but that there will be solid proof that without music life is more sad and dull.

and here are some of the stuff I found out during my travels in cyberspace.

people who don’t like music might suffer from brain damage that’s called Amusia

Don’t take my word for it just see this video here that is based on a research that was made in the university of Barcelona:

some people don’t get happier from music

There is some kind of thing with the people who don’t like music. not only that they don’t like it. they simply don’t enjoy it. well I don’t know what about you guys but if you cannot find even one song that makes you happy then to my opinion there is something wrong.

I mean seriously now, we all need music in one point of our lives, may it be to feel better or motivated or inspired. but not enjoying music at all?!

This article sheds more light on the subject (jeez)

If you don’t like music, you might be less productive

I am not kidding. it has been proven that music can place your mind in a better set for example on any repetitive works. it includes sometimes writing and any other activity that is technical like coding for example.

so actually if you don’t like music you are missing out on simply being more productive.

again don’t take my word for it just read here

Music is awesome don’t you wanna be awesome???

So folks really. just for this reason I recommend you to start getting over your lack of passion for music. I mean there’s gotta be something out there that’s for you. classical music? electronics? whatever just go and find something that suits you since I am sure you wanna be awesome!

Till next time – Let’s Rock!


How to inspire your business

Inspiration can come from many different spaces. It doesn’t matter where it came from as much as it matters what you do with it, in the grey business world any source of inspiration is good inspiration.

Over the years I learned that music and sounds are my biggest inspiration specially the electric guitar, it is important what you produce with these sources because many of these items can be marketed if done properly.

I started my business world as a guitar player that was featured in jingles, soundtracks for commercials and even side Gigs with known bands, it took a while until I found myself and started my guitar selling and building business.

Every journey starts with one step. take your first step now!


Splash! Snap! Pop!

I started this a while ago and yesterday I had the time to finally get it finished.

Like the ones done earlier I only used spray paints and markers on this too. The piece is 100cm x 125cm and the next thing, so I can call it done is to frame it and get it to it’s new owner.

I did listen to Nirvana a lot when I was a young boy. I still do sometimes, and when I was busy with my markers on this one, I of course listened to some Nirvana.

And here is the piece still on my easel. The guns are airsoft guns for a sculpture I am working on.

Kurt Cobain Kurt Cobain, 100cm x 125cm, spraypaint and markers on paper

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Prodigal Sons: The Arkanes

Tangle Eyed

They got the balls and the skills, too, their stage performance is an aggressive burst of energy, serving their listeners a straight out, no-nonsense brand of Rock, and they are much more open and sociable than their band name suggests: The Arkanes, consisting of Chris Pate (25, vocals), Dylan Cassin (22, lead guitar), Andy Long (26, drums) and Jake Hallam(23, bass), just finished a tour across Europe opening for The Temperance Movement, their debut album W.A.R. was released in April 2014. Four swagger lads from Liverpool – we’ve heard that one before, right? Not quite.

(Almost) Too Cool For School

At least they got one thing in common with Paul, George, John and Ringo: an early start. Despite their tender age, the four already have several years of experience under their belts. “Andy, our former bassist and I went to school together, Dylan came later…

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Wale & Jeremih “The Body” (NEW VIDEO)

Global Grind

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It’s still Festivus for the rest of us.

On the heels of releasing hisFestivus project, Wale finally unveils the video to his lead single “The Body” featuring Chicago crooner Jeremih.

The video features Wale pursuing the woman of his dreams. Wale pulls up to a bookstore in a big body Benz (Maybach specifically), buys a few books, and leaves – but not before making sure she gets in her Uber safely.

As the video progresses, Wale delivers her a handwritten note asking if she would like to go out. She accepts, of course.

By the end of the video, Wale and his muse toast to the good life on a romantic date. Cute.

“The Body” will be featured on Wale’s Jerry Seinfeld-inspired album, The Album About Nothing, which is due out sometime in 2015.

Watch Wale’s new video above.

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